About Us

Our Corporate History

Our company was established in 1977 as a company in the automotive supply industry with “automobile accessories” title and first started to produce the automobile roller blinds.

In 1987, by adding decorative roller blinds to the production line, the company’s new title became GÜNPER® OTOMOTİV VE DEKORATİF STOR PERDE SAN. TRADE CO. LTD. (GÜNPER® AUTO AND DECORATIVE ROLLER BLIND INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY).

We are producing roller blinds to be used in the automobiles and in homes by prioritizing the quality and service approach. Hence, we aim to hold our customer satisfaction at the maximum level.

Our Vision

We aim to become an effective and global company in our activity field so that we can be competitive at the international level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize the customer satisfaction by producing the quality product on time and at reasonable prices. We are also monitoring the technological developments in our activity field very closely and we strive to adapt them in our production methods as the development tools. By constantly developing our employees and training all employees from all levels, we ensure that they embrace the technological developments and our quality approach. In addition, we benefit from the ideas of our employees.
Our mission is also supporting our suppliers and contribute to their development.
Finally, we are striving to be sensitive to the environment.